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Retractable Roofs Atlanta

Awnings Atlanta

Rooftop Enclosures Atlanta

Sunrooms Atlanta | Pool Enclosures Atlanta | Pergolas Atlanta

We have developed our line of retractable roof systems based on a technology designed by ourselves: The MANTT/ MASAW System.
It is a system designed for the covering of: hotels (hotel enclosures Atlanta), restaurants (restaurant enclosures Atlanta), bars (bar enclosures Atlanta) or other outdoor living space.

We design large covering systems suitable for any use. Install a telescopic covering over your hotel patio or as a protection for the breakfast veranda and make your outdoor living space in screened-in porch in quickly time. Our retractable roof are produced according to an international patent which has been studied to offer the best quality and safety from wind (wind protection), snow (snow protection), hurricane (hurricane protection) and earthquakes (earthquakes protection).
Our facilities have in fact passed stringent seismic tests and resist winds up to 140 km/h.

The great quality of our M.A.N.T.T. System Survives Hurricane Florence!
On Monday September 11, 2006 Hurricane Florence swept Bermuda. The Category One hurricane luckily caused no fatalities or serious injuries. Our flexible lateral panels, resisted winds up to 105 mph (169 km/h) without even bending, keeping their shape unaltered. Trust and buy our M.A.N.T.T. system with lateral panels, patented by L.A.S.P. System

Climate in Atlanta:

Atlanta's climate is typical for the southeastern United States. Summers are hot and humid, with temperatures somewhat moderated by the city's elevation. Winters are mild but variable, with an average of 48 freezing days per year and temperatures dropping to 0 °F (−17.8 °C) on rare occasions, the last such occurrence being a reading of −8 °F (−22.2 °C) on January 21, 1985. Under the Köppen classification, Atlanta has a humid subtropical climate (Cfa). The warm, maritime air can bring spring-like highs while strong Arctic air masses can push lows into the teens (≤ −7 °C). High temperatures in July average 90 °F (32 °C) but occasionally approach 100 °F (38 °C). Temperatures at or above 90 °F (32.2 °C) occur more than 40 days per year. January averages 43.5 °F (6.4 °C), with temperatures in the suburbs slightly cooler. Overnight freezing can be expected 40 nights annually, but high temperatures below 40 °F (4 °C) are very rare. Extremes range from −9 °F (−23 °C) in February 1899 to 106 °F (41 °C) in June 2012. Typical of the southeastern U.S., Atlanta receives abundant rainfall that is relatively evenly distributed throughout the year, though spring and early fall are markedly drier. The average annual rainfall is 50.2 inches (1,280 mm), while snowfall is typically light at around 2.1 inches (5.3 cm) per year. The heaviest single snowfall occurred on January 23, 1940, with around 10 inches (25 cm) of snow.However, ice storms usually cause more nuisance than snowfall does, the most severe of such storms occurring on January 7, 1973 and January 9, 2011. Tornadoes are rare in the city itself, though twisters such as the March 15, 2008 EF2 tornado damaged prominent structures in downtown Atlanta.

In particular, we are specialized in: Rooftop Enclosures Atlanta (Retractable Enclosure Atlanta), Patio Enclosure Atlanta (Sunrooms Atlanta), Skylights System Atlanta (Skylights Sunrooms Atlanta), Pergola Awning Atlanta (Retractable Pergola Atlanta), Pergola Roof (Pergola Roof Atlanta), Pool Enclosures (Pool Enclosures Atlanta), Lateral Enclosures (Lateral Enclosures Atlanta), Vertical Side Enclosures (Vertical Side Enclosures Atlanta), Wind Stop Awnings (Wind Stop Awnings Atlanta)

The headquarters of the L.A.S.P. System (United States of America) is located in
New Jersey (209 Watchung Ave. West Orange | 07052 New Jersey).

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