The LASP System: since 1958 we have been designing your outdoor shelters

Our story begins in Milan, at the end of the 1950s. Our founder, the blacksmith Francesco Lauria, was approached by a small business owner, who needed shelter for the entrance to his shop. Francesco designed an awning supported by an iron structure for him. Since then, at LASP we have continued to listen carefully to our customers and made sure we satisfied their needs.

Today, with the experience gained in Italy and abroad, we design and manufacture customised telescopic coverings, verandas, and pergolas for hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, bars, terraces, swimming pools, private homes, and many more venues. We design each custom project, analysing the climate in the customer’s location to find the most suitable solution.

A complete service and patented solutions

We have inherited the attention to detail from our artisan founder and, for this reason, we take care of the entire production process of creating a covering: from design, to manufacturing, to installation.

Nature is still our inspiration when it comes to improving our products: our first patent was for a mechanism to prevent awnings being ripped by the strong Sardinian Mistral. And we didn’t stop at the wind proofing solution: we invented coverings with mechanisms for melting snowsound-absorbing fabrics, and integrated lighting and air conditioning systems.

Because comfort is not comfort if it isn’t absolute!

LASP today

Our main office is in Sardinia, and we work throughout Italy and abroad. We have specialised in high-rise installations, starting with the skyscraper roofing projects we supervised in New York.

Our origins and our mission are preserved in our name: LASP stands for “Lavorazione Artigianale Sistemi di Protezione (Artisanal Protection System Installation”. We put the skill of our craftsmen at your disposal, to protect your outdoor spaces from the sun and bad weather and to provide you with a space you can use all year round.

Contact us about your project, and we will design it together!


Lasp System