Modern custom made pergolas

The pergola is a timeless element of outdoor furniture. It can be designed as a passageway overlooking a panoramic view, or as an outdoor relaxation area, by setting up chairs for reading, or a table for meals. The advantage of garden pergolas is that they provide shade: they offer coolness and shelter from the sun, carving out a pleasant corner. A modern pergola, immersed in nature, can blend in with any landscape, both marine and mountain, and is ideal for private residences with gardens, as well as for hotels and clubs with outdoor spaces.


The outdoor exposure of the pergolas may cause some concern: is the structure sufficiently weatherproof? Will it retain its characteristics as a result of the prolonged action of sunlight, humidity, or other weather patterns typical of a given area? In order to guarantee you a product that maintains its performance over time, at Lasp, we have specialized in the design of modern custom pergolas, made of stainless aluminum and wood cladding, treated with anti-salt varnish.

Wooden and aluminum pergolas, find your style

Does your home or business overlook a unique view? Enjoy it all year round, thanks to Lasp‘s wooden and aluminum pergolas. Our products are ideal for:

  • seaside resorts;
  • tourist villages;
  • farmhouses;
  • wine cellars with outdoor tasting areas;
  • mountain chalets;
  • private residences on the beach or in the mountains;
  • terraces and rooftops of restaurants and clubs;
  • verandas for cafes, bars and ice cream parlours;
  • gardens.

All models can be integrated with electrical lighting systems and air conditioning systems, as well as with side closures in high-strength PVC (Vertical Tex), or with panoramic windows in tempered glass (Easy Glass). In addition, the enclosures are retractable: thanks to a sliding-module mechanism you can open your pergola if the weather is nice and close it in the case of bad weather. The system can be operated by hand, or, in the motorized version, by remote control.

Biopergola, the aluminum version with adjustable slats

Do you want a product that adapts to different design needs and can be reversible and easily moved? Lasp’s biopergolas are the answer: they consist of modular structures that can be easily integrated by adding more pergola sections. The models are available in leaning, island, or free-standing versions, with removable platforms.

The slats can be oriented according to sunlight and hermetically sealed in case of bad weather. They can be operated manually or by means of an automated mechanism, which can be operated by remote control.

Design your ideal pergola together with us

To ensure a top-quality product in terms of safety and resistance, we subject our retractable pergolas to periodic tests, conducted by specialized teams of international institutes, such as the AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction) and ISTEDIL (Italian Experimental Institute for Construction).

In 60 years of experience, we have built custom pergolas in every corner of the world, designing custom solutions suitable for different climates. Our pergolas have an average lifespan of 18–20 years and ensure excellent performance during the life cycle.


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