Motorized bioclimatic pergolas, when design adapts to nature

Do you have an outdoor space that you would like to make the most of in every season? To enjoy direct sunlight on your skin and, at the same time, stay protected in case of wind and rain, you need a multifunctional design solution. A technological structure capable of welcoming your guests at home, in the garden or on the terrace in any weather; or your loyal customers in the outdoor area. But imagine doing more: being able to transform the space you need as you want when you want. 

These retractable bioclimatic pergolas from Lasp System are the product you are looking for. Thanks to their stainless aluminum structure, they are lightweight, strong and customizable in size. In addition, they do not require permits to be installed, because they fall into the category of reversible structures, so they can be easily dismantled. Biopergola enclosures have motorized or hand-operated louvers that can be oriented according to the angle of light louverduring the day, for maximum comfort at all times. Not only that, they can be hermetically sealed in case of rain with a slope that channels rainwater into special drainage pipes.


Bioclimatic pergola with sliding system, models and accessories

At Lasp System, we customize the project according to your needs. You can choose from:

  • Island biopergola, free-standing;
  • Wall-leaning bioclimatic pergola.

Both versions can be integrated with side glass closures, for a panoramic effect, or with awnings composed of high-strength materials, for total protection against the elements.

In addition, you can equip your bioclimatic pergola with the Heatwave infrared heating unit, incorporating the passage of electrical cables in the supporting structure and thus hiding the unattractive elements. In addition to air conditioning systems, we also provide a lighting system: Luxy. This is a network of LEDs that allow you to adjust the intensity of light (warm or cold) and also give a touch of liveliness to your evenings, with colorful variations.

At Lasp System, you will find a highly experienced technical department, ready to design your ideal biopergola with you.


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