Retractable verandas: customised comfort

The veranda is a type of enclosure suitable for both residential and commercial premises. Whether it’s your home, or your business, an exterior veranda adds value to environments: it creates visual continuity between the inside and the landscape outside and allows you to both enjoy the beautiful weather outside, and to have access to a usable space in case of bad weather


If you are thinking of renovating your terrace, or your home with a touch of novelty and comfort, a retractable veranda is the ideal solution: at Lasp, we will design your custom-made enclosure. We offer several models: the one with the free-standing aluminum structure, without side closures; or the one complete with panels, awnings and glass, weatherproof and insulating. To ensure excellent performance in terms of energy savings and to facilitate routine maintenance, at Lasp, we offer you, exclusively for our products, patented heat-insulating and anti-condensation technologies, such as the Stratus Tex system. 

But the real advantage is the retractable mechanism: thanks to its intuitive and ergonomic operation, it allows you to open 50% of the surface area at the top of the veranda. In this way, you can adjust the admission of light and air according to the weather and create a cozy and comfortable environment for your guests or customers.

Retractable mechanism: how it works

A retractable veranda consists of two modules, one fixed and the other sliding, which can be opened and closed: 

  • to the right;
  • to the left;
  • and to the center.

The mechanism can be operated manually, thanks to a structure of lateral guides on which the sliders run in parallel. For small enclosures, a gentle pull is sufficient; for larger canopies, poles that attach to the moving parts must be used. 

At Lasp, we customize each project, not only based on your needs, but also taking into consideration:

  • the cardinal orientation of the veranda;
  • the degree of exposure to the action of atmospheric agents;
  • any special characteristics of the climate.

In addition, thanks to our department of qualified installers, we can have your enclosure installed in a matter of days.


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