Telescopic enclosures for outdoor spaces: your tailor-made project

A telescopic enclosure is a “dynamic” architecture solution: thanks to the retractable mechanism, you can adjust the opening and closing of the roof according to the weather conditions. This feature allows you to have an outdoor space that is always usable, in all seasons and wherever your business or home is located. You can choose to keep the enclosure open, to allow more light and heat to filter in, or close it, in case of cold weather and wind.


The telescopic mechanism of the custom outdoor covering can be manual or motorized:

  • motorized, suitable for large businesses, consists of 3 modules, 2 of which are sliding, thanks to a system of guides and rails;
  • manual, more suitable for spaces between 20 square meters and 40 square meters, consists of 2 panels and 50% of the surface area can be opened.

To ensure top performance in any temperature and weather, telescopic enclosures by Lasp are made of highly resistant materials: aluminum or steel structure and PVC or polycarbonate roof. To minimize maintenance, you can integrate our patented anti-condensation and snow-melting technologies: Stratus Tex and M.A.N.T.T.

Telescopic enclosures are customizable in shape, size and decoration. The top surface area can be opaque, or transparent, for a panoramic impact effect.

Installation: our method

In our 60 years of experience, we have researched and developed a working methodology that allows us to adapt to your project needs, respecting the agreed timeframes. In order to provide you with a functional result, our technical department carries out an inspection, carefully prepares a document with the implementation details and, finally, precisely executes the construction phases, keeping you updated throughout the process.

Depending on the enclosure model and footprint, work days can vary, but we typically take 1 or 2 days at most to install a structure covering up to 50 square meters.


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