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In this section, we have put together some of the questions that our customers have asked us most often over the years. During the numerous projects we have worked on, we have been asked a lot of questions and provided answers to all of them, always looking for the best solution. We hope these examples will be useful to you!

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Of course! Our products are custom-made, and we can adapt them to any context, according to your needs. For example, if you have a pool, or a veranda with a particular shape, or your garden has a slight slope, we can design an ad hoc enclosure, which adapts to the space and characteristics of the ground, so as to make the structure solid and safe. The bespoke design service is valid for all Lasp products: First Class, Biopergole, Garden Roof, Pergowood and Pergoroof.

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Yes, we can also create custom enclosures for large areas. We carry out an accurate inspection of the space and develop a customized project: the First Class motorized telescopic roofs and the biopergolas can be made ad hoc both in the size and color of the aluminum structure. Models can also be equipped with accessories such as perimeter closures, LED lighting and infrared heating to create your ideal outdoor corner.

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All our products are resistant to:

  • rain, thanks to a highly waterproof outer layer;
  • wind, First Class motorized systems can withstand gusts up to 120 km/h, while retractable pergolas can withstand up to 60 km/h;
  • snow, our motorized telescopic enclosures are tested to support snow loads, thanks to the M.A.N.T.T. patent. The standard version of First Class can withstand up to 40 cm of snowfall and with the addition of a reinforced structure, even up to 80 cm.

In addition, Lasp enclosures ensure adequate shielding against UV rays.

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Biopergolas can be equipped with sensors that, in the case of rain, allow automatic closure of the adjustable slats placed on the roof. Rainwater is drained to the ground through gutters located within the structure. Are you interested in a Biopergola?

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Yes, our enclosures can be equipped with a sound insulation system that greatly reduces the impact of noise emissions. If you need more details, contact us!

In general, the installation of a bioclimatic pergola is to be considered as a free building activity, because the Biopergola is an easily removable structure. However, urban planning regulations may vary depending on the municipality to which they belong. Our advice is to contact the competent authorities for all relevant information.

In the event that the property is subject to landscape constraints, it is necessary to request in advance a permit from your municipality.

Lasp Biopergolas are innovative enclosure systems made entirely of aluminum, with a roof composed of adjustable slats that allow you to adjust the entrance of light and air. With our Biopergolas, you have the advantage of having a covered space and, at the same time, the possibility of optimizing ventilation and lighting according to your needs and the weather conditions. The adjustable slats are also equipped with a rubber seal that prevents water from seeping inside in the case of rain.

First Class telescopic roofs have an aluminum structure and a top enclosure in multilayer fabric divided into 3 sections: one fixed and 2 motorized mobile telescopic modules, operated by remote control to open and close them.

Garden Roof telescopic enclosures are also made with an aluminum structure, combined with a waterproof and weatherproof multilayer fabric, but, unlike the First Class model, they are manually operated. The roof is divided into two modules: one fixed and one sliding, operated by a crank.

Of course, each project is 100% customizable! For example, you can equip First Class aluminum telescopic roofs, Biopergolas and the Garden Roof model with perimeter closures, thus creating a protected and comfortable environment to enjoy any season of the year.

You can choose the following solutions:

  • Vertical Tex, opaque or transparent PVC panels mounted on an aluminum structure;
  • Easy Glass, sliding tempered glass windows.

The transparency of the materials guarantees a panoramic effect and the sensation of visual continuity between the outside and the inside.

We manufacture both First Class motorized telescopic roofs and customized bioclimatic pergolas, and both products can also be installed on existing structures. Our enclosures are versatile and adapt to any architectural style, thanks to their linear and streamlined design. Would you like to install one of our enclosures in your outdoor space? Contact us!

Of course! Our technicians will design the aesthetic solution that best suits your needs and prepare a graphic rendering to show you the final result.

The delivery time of a bioclimatic pergola varies from 45 to 60 working days from the date of the signing of the sales contract and the payment of the first deposit.

For the delivery of a First Class roof, however, it takes from 30 to 45 working days from the date of signing the sales contract and from the payment of the first deposit. We are available to meet your needs.

The First ClassGarden Roof and Skylight structures do not require special maintenance, because their mechanisms are self-lubricating. However, it is recommended to keep the sliding guides of the modules free and clean at all times.

The Biopergola does not require special maintenance, but we recommend that you always keep the gutters clean and lubricate the structure if necessary.

Yes! Thanks to the collaboration with Agos, we offer our customers the opportunity to purchase a bioclimatic pergola to be paid in small, convenient installments according to the most suitable financing plan, established on the basis of individual needs. If you want to know more, contact us.

For sunscreens (which include Biopergolas), there is a tax deduction of 50% of expenses incurred by December 31, 2021. Do you need to learn more about this topic? Contact us!

We offer the following guarantees:

  • 2 years on the installation;
  • 5 years on the motor;
  • 10 years on the aluminum structure.

Biopergola bioclimatic pergolas are CE certified. Would you like more details about our conditions of sale? Contact us!

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