Garden pergolas

Having a green area requires care and commitment, but enjoying it with guests is a reward in itself. Whether it’s the garden of your home, or that of your club, you can enhance it with the addition of a pergola by Lasp, to provide a pleasant oasis of relaxation sheltered from the sun. Our products are designed to be versatile and adapt to your design needs: you can choose between different sizes, colors and enclosures.

We offer you two different types of “roof”:

  • retractable, composed of sliding modules, which can be operated manually or, in the motorized version, can be operated by remote control;
  • with adjustable slats, mechanically or manually operated and adjustable to different inclinations, to filter the entry of sunlight and air.

Our solutions are 100% waterproof and windproof. The pergola structures are equipped with gutters to prevent rainwater from stagnating.


Our aluminum and wooden garden pergolas

You can choose between different types of pergola for your garden:

You can equip all models with a removable thermo-insulating floor and opaque or transparent side closures, in PVC (Vertical Tex) or in tempered glass (Easy Glass), for a panoramic effect. To allow you to use your pergola at any time of the year, Lasp solutions can be integrated with air conditioning and lighting systems.

For over 60 years, we have been designing and manufacturing pergolas for gardens all over the world, thanks to a team of experienced designers and installers, to meet your needs.


Lasp System