Verandas for restaurants, bars, cafès: take advantage of outdoor spaces all year round

Outdoor tables or seats are always the most sought-after by customers: sitting down to eat a dish and order a glass of wine while admiring the view, urban or natural, is a feature that adds value to a venue. In some cases, the outdoor area is the main reason for choosing one restaurant over another, precisely because, for example, during the summer, you can enjoy the natural light and crisp air until sunset. 

Equipping your business with an outdoor veranda with an enclosure is a win-win because it allows you to accommodate the maximum number of people during peak days, even in bad weather, or during cold seasons. It is possible, in fact, to insulate the external structures for restaurants and bars, so as to isolate them and equip them with a heating system.


Closed verandas with customized retractable mechanism

At Lasp, every project is unique, like your venue. We design and manufacture enclosures for the verandas of bars and restaurants specifically for your needs. Thanks to the retractable mechanism, you can maneuver the enclosure manually to adjust how much light comes in

Depending on the materials you choose for the enclosure, you can create an effect of visual continuity with transparency, to let you admire the sky, or opacity: we will provide you with components with high resistance to weathering, such as polycarbonate and PVC. Our enclosures for verandas, customizable with side closing systems, are:

  • wind-resistant;
  • 100% waterproof in case of rain;
  • UV-protective.

To reduce noise pollution, you can combine Stratus Tex, our patented system that is also anti-condensation, with the advantage of minimal maintenance.

We work with you to find the most suitable solution, based on your budget, building style and weather conditions. Welcome your customers in every season with Lasp’s veranda enclosures!


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