Pergolas for terraces

Panoramic terraces are special places, because they allow you to enjoy a beautiful view of a landscape, natural or urban, from a privileged position. But they are also more exposed than other parts of a building to the elements, such as wind. To allow you to take advantage of the outdoor space of your home or venue in any kind of weather condition, at Lasp, we have designed several models of pergolas for terraces, with wind-resistant sturdy structures. The products are equipped with roof opening and closing technologies and can be integrated with heating and lighting systems.

We design every detail together with you and, thanks to our technical team, we can assemble a terrace pergola that covers up to 50 square meters within 2 days. We select materials carefully, taking care to check the quality of even the smallest components, such as bolts.


Our models of pergolas for terraces

You can choose between different types of pergolas for terraces, all equipped with a technological enclosure, which can be opened and closed depending on the weather. You can purchase the remote-controlled version, or the manually operated version.

Thanks to the retractable enclosures, you can adjust the entrance of light and air, creating a consistently pleasant atmosphere. All models can be integrated with side panels, opaque and transparent, in high-resistance PVC (Vertical Tex), or in tempered glass (Easy Glass), to create a closed environment, usable in every season.

At Lasp, we have been making outdoor enclosures for over 60 years, based on the characteristics of the climate of each location and the needs of our customers.


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