Glass & transparent verandas

Glass verandas & transparent verandas, the fullness of the sun’s rays

For a commercial space, transparent verandas are the perfect solution to enhance your business through the entry of natural light, both from above, through the roof, and from the side, through the perimeter closures.

Being bathed in sunlight makes the environment more pleasant, enhances the details of the decor and brings a sense of well-being to customers. UV-B rays, in fact, stimulate the production of vitamin D3, which contributes to the good health of the body. Not only that, but working with natural light has been proven to stimulate the nervous system and boost concentration skills and productivity. With an outdoor veranda in a transparent version, you will create a comfortable environment, both for those who work there and for the people who visit it.


At Lasp, we design custom verandas with a sturdy aluminum structure and a polycarbonate or PVC enclosure with high resistance, with the function of both shielding against the sun (for harmful rays) and protection against the weather, even heavy snowfall.

Garden Roof model veranda, for example, is:

  • windproof up to 90 km/h;
  • 100% rainproof;
  • screen providing protection against harmful UV rays.

At Lasp, we design together with you the transparent veranda best suited to your venue, taking into account the weather conditions.


Free-standing veranda, ideal for venues in historic centers

In the city, the bureaucracy involved in obtaining an outdoor space is sometimes long and laborious. At Lasp, we have created a product designed specifically for venues based in the center: Garden Roof City. Thanks to its free-standing structure made of aluminum and steel, you will not have to ask for permits for the construction of pillars and you can integrate it according to your needs with lateral closures, to obtain a closed, covered and heated space.

We have been designing, manufacturing and installing outdoor verandas around the world for over 60 years.

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