Telescopic Skylight roofs

Telescopic Skylight roofs

Our patented LASP Skylight telescopic roofs are completely transparent coverings suitable for hotels, lounge bars, rooftops, discos, casinos, spas, and resorts but also for shopping centres, sports arenas, and restaurants. The Skylight is an outdoor covering for any environment that needs to regulate light and shade throughout the year. The patented M.A.N.T.T. technology system guarantees that it can stand heavy snow loads (with its snow melting system), strong winds up to 120 km/hr, and they are 100% impermeable to rain. The Skylight transparent telescopic roof can be designed and installed in mountain areas, in locations near the sea, or on rooftops in the city and provides protection from the weather in all four seasons.


Ideal for:

  • Rooftop discos
  • Winter gardens
  • Dining rooms restaurants
  • Hotel conference rooms
  • Transparent coverings for conference rooms
  • Mobile pool coverings
  • Skylights for airports
  • Skylights for casinos and lounge bars



A Skylight for every environment

LASP has designed the Skylight transparent telescopic roof in collaboration with international architects and designers, creating a versatile and customisable design for a well-lit environment.

Skylight LASP 

The Skylight LASP transparent telescopic covering consists of a supporting structure in aluminium or steel that can be any shape or size. Thanks to its main feature, transparency, Skylight is particularly suitable for making the most of natural light in business premises, villas, on rooftops, and in internal courtyards.

  • 4 seasons
  • waterproof
  • customisable
  • snow resistant
  • motorised


The product is available in the following sizes:

  • Maximum standard width: 6 metres adjustable.
  • Maximum length: 30 metres
  • First Class coverings are modular and can be made in non-standard widths up to 10 metres.


All Skylight profiles and components are treated with epoxy paint certified by the best highly-specialised companies, are available in two standard colours, and can be customised in more than 150 colours.

  • RAL-1013 Ivory
  • Anthracite Grey 2

Other colours are available on request.

Details and customisation

Transparent free-standing covering

The LASP Skylight is a transparent retractable telescopic roof with unique installation features. In the stand-alone version, firmly anchored and installed away from the main building, it creates an island of light

Lean-to motorised covering

Skylight sunrooms can be attached to the main building with or without supporting pillars, and harmonise perfectly with the existing structure, modern or classic.

Modular Skylight coverings

Skylight is modular, i.e., several modules can be placed side by side against a wall or stand-alone to cover large spaces and create large, bright environments that can be used all year round. They can be further customised with designer furnishings and the multi-coloured Luxy LED lighting system.

Lasp System