Le Coquillage de Diana

Aleria, Corsica

The client has a restaurant on a floating platform. They needed to create an extra space to accommodate more customers, but the structure had to be lightweight. We designed a cantilevered platform made of steel and wood to be fixed on two sides of the floating platform, and we installed the pergola on it. Our engineers came up with a non-standard, customised solution.

Installation of a covering

  • Client Le Coquillage De Diana
  • Location Aleria, Corsica
  • Work completed in 2020
  • Product Pergoroof, Vertical Tex
  • Type of cover Insulated Blackout
  • Area covered 100 squares meter
  • No. of seats 90
  • Optional features Vertical tex lateral enclosures and a fixed triangular section, Luxy LED lighting system


  • Wind resistance 70 km/h
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Motorised retractable opening and closing
  • UV protection
Lasp System