Restaurant Le Quai

Paris, France

We installed a bespoke Pergoroof for a well-known Peniche (typical Paris restaurant boat), which can now accommodate 70 more customers all year round. The Pergoroof is ideal for floating structures and boats thanks to the strength and lightness of the aluminium structure.

Installation of a covering

  • Client Restaurant Le Quai
  • Location Paris, France
  • Work completed in 2016
  • Product Totally personalized Pergoroof on important peniche in Paris, Vertical Tex
  • Type of cover Insulated Blackout
  • Area covered  80 squares meter
  • No. of seats 70
  • Optional features Vertical tex lateral enclosures, Luxy LED lights, heaters


  • Wind resistance 70 km/ h
  • Waterproof 100%
  • Motorized retractable opening and closing
  • UV protection
Lasp System