Terrace & Patio enclosures: outdoor spaces that can be enjoyed in both summer and winter

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the space of a large terrace to spend moments together in good company, perhaps in front of a magnificent panorama? The summer season makes outdoor aperitifs an unmissable occasion, even more so under a modern and fresh pergola. And again: what could be more beautiful than enjoying a dinner on the terrace, under cover and in the warmth, while it’s cold outside? If you are planning to enhance the terrace of your home, or to launch a new space at your venue, at Lasp, you can find custom-made enclosures, suitable for all seasons and integrable with side panels, to create an indoor environment.

You can choose between different models of pergolas, with retractable or adjustable enclosures, easily opened and closed according to the weather: in this way, you have the versatility of an awning, with the advantage of greater and better protection against UV rays.


Tailor-made outdoor enclosures, our catalog

You can choose from:

  • Pergoroof, a pergola with a stainless aluminum structure and an enclosure in blackout fabric that is great for protecting against sunlight;
  • Pergowood, with a wood-covered frame, treated with special varnishes that make it non-deformable by humidity and saltiness;
  • Biopergolas with adjustable slats, available in a wall-leaning or free-standing version. This product can be easily installed and modified, thanks to the modularity of its components.

To ensure the durability of the product, we select top-quality materials and have our experienced staff install the pergolas.

At Lasp, thanks to our 60 years of international work, we can best advise you on the most suitable enclosure for your outdoor space, based on the specific characteristics of the climate.


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