Retractable roofs FIRST CLASS

Retractable roofs FIRST CLASS

First Class coverings have an aluminum or a steel skeleton structure consisting on supporting pillars and a frame, both with a semi-circular shape, on which the exclusive and innovative covering system Stratus-Tex is placed on. The Stratus-Tex system offers thermal and acoustic insulation.

Further more thanks to the First Class telescopic roof and retractable roof, it’s possible to avoid the drum effect of the rain on the covering. That noise is made, instead, by typical of the standards outdoor awnings. The noise is absorbed up to 80% making it pleasant and even soothing in rainy days. Retractable roofs can be paired with Crystal-Tex Lateral Panel to enclose and isolate the spaces or with Vertical-Tex Vertical Enclosures. These two solutions allow to use the whole space (or the 100% of the space) during all seasons. Change your space with one click: thanks to our technological motorized system. Ideal for areas that have very heavy snow and very strong winds up to 75 mi/h.


Ideal for:

  • Breakfast rooms for hotels
  • Verandas for restaurants
  • Rooftops
  • Special covers for airports
  • Technological covers for congress halls
  • Sports field and stadium
  • Insulated rofing for reception rooms
  • Sound absorbing covers for discos



  • Retractable roofs are customizable
  • Excellent resistance to winds up to 120 Km/h (75 mi/h)
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Excellent UV protection
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Excellent snow load resistence(over 16 inches)
  • 66% motorized telescopic opening and closing


The product is available in the following sizes:

  • Maximum standard width: 20 modulable feet;
  • Maximum length: 99 feet (depth);
  • First Class coverings are designed to be modular and built in custom-manufactured lenghts up to 10 meters.


  • RAL-1013 Ivory
  • Anthracite Grey 2

Custom colors are available on demand.

Details and customizations

Self-supporting telescopic cover

First Class has a very robust supporting structure with unique installation characteristics. It can be installed and anchored independently from the main building or cottage, creating a comfortable area

Leaning telescopic covers

First Class can be attached to the main building, integrating perfectly with the various modern and classic architectures with the possibility of installation with or without supporting pillars

Modular motorized cover

First Class is modular, conceived and designed to be assembled to create large comfortable outdoor areas. It is possible to combine several modules set against the wall or on an island to create large rooms to be used during the four seasons

Lasp System