Kok Piraat

Lille, France

We created the bespoke First Class installation with optional motion sensors that can raise and lower the cover to shelter the boat and passageway under the bridge. The covering is also fitted with a telescopic opening and closing system with central opening.

Installation of a covering

  • Client Kok Piraat
  • Location Lille, France
  • Work completed in 2018
  • Product First Class, Vertical Tex
  • Type of cover Insulated with StratusTex Comfort Full Optional
  • Area covered 90 squares meter
  • No. of seats 80
  • Optional features Vertical tex lateral enclosures in transparent PVC, customised covering


  • Wind resistance 120 km/h
  • UV protection
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Snow resistance up to 50cm deep
Lasp System