Restaurant – Pois Gourmand

Toulouse, France

The First Class installation for the Pois Gourmand Restaurant is the perfect blend of elegance, design, and functionality. Thanks to our protective covering, 110 more covers can be served every day of the year, without worrying about rain and snow.

Installation of a covering

  • Client Restaurant – Pois Gourmand
  • Location Toulouse, France
  • Work completed in 2013
  • Product First Class, Lateral enclosures Vertical Tex
  • Type of cover Insulated with StratusTex Comfort Full Optional
  • Area covered 120 squares meter
  • No. of seats 110
  • Optional features Electrical system, security doors, and sound and heating systems


  • Wind resistance 120 km/h
  • UV protection
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Snow resistance up to 50cm deep
Lasp System