Customizable attic & rooftop enclosures

Every project originates from the desire to change, to improve. In one’s mind, one imagines something new that is not yet there and speculates on what forms it might take. Every detail must be studied to perfection, in dreams, as in reality. For over 60 years at Lasp, we have been taking care of every aspect of design for rooftops and large outdoor spacessuch as conference facilities, hotel dining rooms, casinos, nightclubs, sports fields, swimming pools and airports. We make an inspection, prepare the technical documentation and arrange the customization of the products with you. For example, you can choose the colour of the supporting structure (we provide a range of 150 shades), or the degree of opacity or transparency of the roof modules.

In addition, to give you the opportunity to enhance your outdoor space in different ways during the seasons, our enclosures are equipped with a telescopic mechanism. Thanks to a system of guides, some parts of the roof slide in an automated way: just a click from the remote control and you can enjoy direct light, or close the enclosure in case of rain.


Together with the customer, from project to installation

We offer you two enclosure solutions with sliding roof, with aluminum alloy 6063 structure, light and ductile, but with excellent mechanical strength:

The metal profiles are treated with epoxy paints to make them resistant to weather and salt. Both products are available in free-standing island and leaning versions and can be equipped with panoramic side closures. The roof of First Class and Skylight can also be integrated with our patented snow melting technology (M.A.N.T.T.).

Once you have chosen the type of enclosure, we carry out an inspection to take exact measurements and anticipate any critical aspects of the space. In a second step, we prepare a project with all the technical and aesthetic specifications and share it with you for approval. Finally, we will deliver the components and proceed with the assembly. To make sure your telescopic enclosures last, at Lasp, we carefully select materials, especially small metal parts such as bolts, because it’s the small details that come together to ensure the beauty and efficiency of the end result.

We listen to your ideas, so that together we can build attic enclosures that meet aesthetic expectations and practical needs.


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