Telescopic enclosures for hotels with pools

Each guest has different needs, but one thing is certain: when someone is looking for a hotel with a swimming pool or spa center, it means that they want to spend a vacation dedicated to wellness. How can you fully satisfy this expectation by delivering quality time to your customers? In addition to the kindness and helpfulness of the staff, an enjoyable experience is largely defined by the feelings conveyed by the surrounding space.


To help make your guests’ stays comfortable from every point of view, at Lasp, we have developed First Class and Skylight. These are two versions of telescopic pool enclosures, consisting of a semicircular structure in aluminum or steel, which is secured on supporting pillars. The top is composed of motorized retractable modules, which can be operated via remote control to open and close the roof at your leisure, depending on the weather. In order for guests to enjoy the maximum amount of natural light while providing adequate UV screening, you have several roof options:

  • opaque (First Class version);
  • transparent (Skylight model);
  • a mixed solution combining the previous two.

The choice depends on the cardinal orientation of your hotel and the type of regional climate. At Lasp, we provide you with a consultancy department prepared and available for an inspection, in order to design every detail.

The need for thermal and acoustic insulation

Both products, First Class and Skylight, are designed to meet the needs of hotels with pools, spas and spa areas, also in terms of practicality of management and maintenance. In fact, the telescopic enclosures can be integrated with our exclusive Stratus Tex Comfort patent. This is a layered system with 3 levels of technical fabrics that are:

  • waterproof and anti-condensation, thanks to these features cleaning is facilitated;
  • acoustically insulated, with an insulation and absorption capacity of up to 80% of the noise, such as, for example, that of rain;
  • wind-resistant up to 120 km/h;
  • thermally insulated, with a perceived reduction of heat in summer of 40%;

Lasp telescopic enclosures are suitable for mountain and seaside areas, thanks to the versatility of their performance. They are available in different sizes, with different opening modes.


6 meters


30 meters


single (single line scrolling)

multiple (double line scrolling)


in the center of the enclosure

at the sides


adjustable up to a maximum of 10 meters more

We are at your disposal to help you design the telescopic enclosure for your hotel with pool.


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