Telescopic pool enclosures: insulating and anti-condensation

Those who own a pool know it well: there truly are a great number of precautions to be taken to keep this type of space comfortable and functional.

There are many requirements to be taken into account:

  • the hygiene of spaces and water, which must always be clear and clean;
  • thermal insulation during winter, to avoid heat dispersion, or the condensation effect, due to the evaporation of water;
  • the need to adequately shield against UV rays, especially in the summer, both for skin protection and for keeping things cool.


Finally, the aesthetic aspect must be considered, especially if the pool is situated in a residential or hotel context, because it must match the style of the surrounding areas.

To offer you a tailor-made product, functional and at the same time adaptable to different design needs, at Lasp we have patented Stratus Tex, a competitive technology for telescopic pool enclosures.

Stratus Tex: the ideal patent for hotel and private pool enclosures

The Stratus Tex multi-layer system can be integrated exclusively with the Lasp telescopic enclosures, First Class model, available in opaque or transparent versions (panoramic Skylight version in polycarbonate).

To maximize water heating and minimize the heat loss of the enclosure, the Stratus Tex patent is available in three variants, depending on your design needs.

  • Stratus Tex Basic is a layer of PVC that is extremely waterproof and weather resistant.
  • Stratus Tex Style. In this version, two technical fabrics are superimposed: PVC for the outside and for the inside, a customizable decorative ripstop fabric.
  • Stratus Tex Comfort is composed of three parts: an upper part in PVC to protect against rain, wind and snow; an intermediary insulating part (up to 1.5 cm thick) that reduces 40% of the heat in summer and, finally, a polyester component, visible from the inside, available in solid color or patterned, for a touch of personalized elegance.

In addition to the different types of roof insulation, at Lasp, we offer you the option of making it telescopic: thanks to the retractable mechanism, the roof is mobile along 66% of its surface area. The system is motorized and can be operated with a simple click from a remote control. In this way, you can enjoy the benefits of having an outdoor pool in the summer and an indoor pool during the colder months.

Design your pool enclosure with us

Our products last a long time and require minimal maintenance. We put our 60 years of expertise and experience with international clients at your disposal. Our design department is ready to help you design the most suitable telescopic enclosure for your pool.


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