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Stylish and innovative custom-made outdoor coverings in the USA
First Class

Motorized Retractable Roof

Patented motorized covering for large outdoor living spaces. Live your outdoor in every season.

Motorized Transparent Roof

Transparent telescopic motorized covering. You can manage shadow and light areas according to your needs with a click.

Manual Patio Covering

Manual retractable verandah for commercial and residential. Create your modern relaxation area.
Gardenroof City

Self-Standing Veranda

Self-supporting verandah designed for all commercial activities located in the city.

Retractable Aluminum Pergola

Innovative retractable aluminum pergola for commercial and residential, perfect for sunny and marine areas.

Retractable Wooden Pergola

Perfect retractable wooden pergola for rural areas and rustic environments.

PVC Lateral Enclosures

PVC Lateral panels are a safe solution to weather protection. Get your thermal insulation to gardens and verandahs.

Vertical Enclosures

Transparent Vertical curtains for rain and wind protection.
Large Coverings

Large Coverings

The perfect solution to cover large areas of ports, airports, museums and shopping malls.

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