The comfort of telescopic enclosures for restaurants & bars

In the restaurant industry, one of the prerogatives of the profession is to make people feel at ease: to create a pleasant environment in which to spend time with friends, for lunch or dinner, or to celebrate a special occasion. Telescopic enclosures for outdoor bars or restaurants can play a key role in your hospitality strategy: thanks to their robustness and insulating performance, you can offer a table to your customers in a pleasant environment in both summer and winter.

To help revitalize your business, at Lasp, you can find a wide selection of telescopic enclosures that can be customized to suit your ideas. We bring more than 60 years of experience to offer you technological solutions that can make a difference in positive customer perception of your business.


Lasp enclosure technology: an added value for your business

We listen to your dreams to make them come true: do you have a large outdoor space and want to give it maximum emphasis with a transparent enclosure? Our Skylight model telescopic roofs are the answer: resistant to weathering and heat-insulating, they will be remembered for the elegance of their lines. Do you have a venue in a mountain area? Thanks to the performance of our First Class product, equipped with a patented M.A.N.T.T. system, you can welcome your customers even in rain, strong wind and snow. First Class is also suitable for coastal and sunny areas, thanks to the shielding of the anti-UV-radiation panels. But that’s not all: both products guarantee you telescopic opening and closing for 66% of the surface area with motorized operation. You only need a click of the remote to reveal the sky, or to protect your guests if the forecast threatens bad weather.

At Lasp, you can find a wide range of products, specially designed for the catering market. Our technicians are at your service to work on creating your ideal enclosure together.


Lasp System