Veranda enclosures: plenty of light and protection against the weather

At Lasp, we work with you to design a veranda enclosure that is more functional according to the geographical location of your business (which affects, for example, the degree of exposure to winds, the peaks of summer and winter temperatures and so on) and more in line with the style of your premises.

We offer you lacquered aluminum and steel structures, which guarantee sturdiness without sacrificing aesthetics. You can choose from black, ivory or brown colors and other shades on request. The enclosures are made of polycarbonate or PVC, in opaque or transparent versions. These materials guarantee you, thanks to their chemical compositions:

  • high mechanical strength, to prevent any cracks;
  • thermal insulation, which you can implement with the Stratus Tex anti-condensation enclosure, patented by us;
  • total protection against the elements, with shielding against sunlight and wind, rain and snow.

Our products require minimal maintenance, i.e. cleaning of the sliding guides.


Outdoor veranda, enclosure models

Enclosure models to choose from:

  • Verandas, Garden Roof and Garden Roof Cityideal for restaurants, bars, clubs and hotels. In particular, the City version is designed for venues in the historic center: thanks to its free-standing structure, it does not require the construction of structural pillars and saves on labor costs and time for requests for permits to occupy public land.
  • Pergolas, Pergoroof, Pergowood and Bioclimatics, suitable for both mountain and marine locations. They are available with sturdy aluminum and wood frames (treated to be salt-proof). This category of products also includes versions that are leaning, free-standing and with slats that can be adjusted according to sunlight.
  • First Class and Skylight telescopic enclosures, our flagship products, perfect for large venues, both in and out of town. They can be integrated with M.A.N.T.T. patents for snow melting and Stratus Tex, anti-condensation. Both options ensure excellent thermal insulation.

Lasp veranda enclosures are equipped with a retractable mechanism, with easy manual or motorized operation, allowing you to adjust the amount of light and air in your outdoor environment to your liking. And that’s not all: you can choose to integrate the side enclosures, in PVC or glass, to obtain an enclosed space if necessary and equipped with air conditioning.


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